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Traditions and cultures crossroads in Ukraine

Modern life is impossible without travelling. People need to visit different towns, cities, villages same as countries. They want to see other nations’ life; they need to know more about other countries history and habits. They are interested about their famous neighboring representatives. For this all you may come to Ukraine.

Ukraine: where ancient centuries meet future prospects

Ukraine is one of the biggest European countries. It has rich history since independent state establishment although its big territory part was under the reign of Poland same as Austro-Hungarian Empire. This fact has made great impact on people traditions or culture represented in the Western Ukraine.

Eastern part of the country has been Russia part for a very long time. It is reflected on the habits which are extant here.

In spite of gorgeous history Ukraine is positioning itself as industrial country. So Ukraine hotels and restaurant businesses are not widely developed. Exclusions are only such touristic zones as Black Sea coast of Crimea, Carpathian Mountains region same as cities with population of over one million people.

Traditions of the nation both in Western and Eastern Ukraine parts are family based. Calm family dinners are more preferable for local people rather than loud restaurant parties. As well as renting an apartment in Ukraine hotels is rather for travellers and guests than for local inhabitants. Kiev hotels are especially suitable for comfortable rest but nothing may replace close family tights.

In connection with Euro-2012 coming into Ukraine many foreigners should visit this beautiful country not only for football matches but also sightseeing and cultural experience of local habits, traditions, features.

Even Kiev hotels, in spite of wide classes and styles variety, will not be able to manage with such a big crowds of people. In addition we have to notice that prices in  Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk hotels and restaurants are high enough for ordinary visitors.

In connection with this fact new hotels and restaurants are being built for last two years both for hosting European Football Cup cities suburbia and regional centers neighboring these cities. It will let tourists to recognize Ukrainian nation’ traditions, habits, cultural activities, local tastes both with future prospects.

And be sure tourists will be amazed by the rich variety of national achievements Ukraine can boast of!

2/15/2012 9:04:04 AM