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Why you need to learn Russian by Skype

What should you do before going to Russia? Yes of course you should get a Visa, pack all the clothes, book a room in a hotel or find a flat.

My friend did all these things but he forgot about the most important one. He totally forgot about the need for communicating with people! Russian language uses in Russia, Ukraine, Belarussia. If you know Russia, you will speak well in Kazahstan, Latvia, Litua, Estonia.

As he admits now it was a great mistake.

So when came to Russia he started practicing reading faces. You know it was like this: he looked at your face really attentively with really big eyes. He did that with all the people. Poor guy he did not have possibility to listen and understand what people were saying to him that’s why he tried to read their faces by looking at them really attentively and guess the meaning of a word. He was doing that for a really long time and he obtained quite good results at training attentiveness, at first. And now that 3 years passed he says that he speaks Russian quite well.

Do you have such time? Do you want to train attentiveness 24 hours a day instead of freely communicating with people and learning new things? It is better not to lose time.

Thus if you plan to go to Russia for work or study or just to visit our beautiful country your number 1 objective is to start studying Russian. You can visit Moskow and Saint-Peterburg and to see a beautiful places, such as Kremlin and Royal Palace. One of the most easiest and effective method is to learn it by Skype training with a native speaker who will teach you not only to read and talk Russian but also will enlarge your outlook as regards Russian culture.

Our teachers of are highly skilled in teaching Russian by Skype. You can choose your favorite teacher and start learning Russian by Skype.

It will make life easier if you know Russian. You can ask for help and you can understand what people are talking about. You can not imagine how people appreciate the fact that you know or you are familiar with their language. It is just impossible to live in a country without knowledge of its language and you can’t explore the country’s culture without it.

You can start learning the Russian culture only after you are familiar with the Russian language and it concerns all the languages.

It is so easy to start practicing Russian right now while you are in your place. So we advise you to make your life easier and start learning Russian by Skype now and not to lose your time after.


4/25/2012 1:31:18 PM