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Russian girls using Language courses for online scams

This article will help you to understand the details of Scamming services, why it’s bad and what it can actually give you.

The average level of English language produced by Russian scams is quite low. Most of the Scamming in Russia and Ukraine is done by small dating agencies which don’t have any credit at the international data bases and prefer to earn money “the easy way” – by cheating their customers, than offering them a real opportunity for future happiness. Such agencies place photos of attractive young women at different dating web-sites and often those girls are actually exist, but to communicate with customers that are interested in some of them agencies use scammers. Any girl could become a scammer, she needs only an elementary knowledge of the English language, that’s students of the foreign language departments of colleges and even common language courses make most of the scammers.

All girls at such web-sites are put in special Russian women scams blacklist which are constantly examined by the date bases’ staff by checking travel documents and passport of a Russian woman. To be a scammer a girl will have to simulate the woman who is represented at the dating site and for this purpose – to learn the personal information not only about this person but also about her previous intercourse with the dating site’s client if that had taken place already which is illegal. Most of the scammers have low level of language knowledge so they can be exposed by this point and also by avoiding discussion any personal information which had been previously revealed. Also clients and black-list attorneys who check girls notice when the manner of the women’s communication had changed. Any scammer will appear on Russian women blacklists be caught sooner or later, and if the customer has a suspicion in girl he’s been talking lately he may appeal for a Russian girls’ blacklist with the request for checking some of them. The scammer will be asked for some personal information by a “new client” who is an auditor actually and the fraud will be revealed easily. Scamming is one of the worst choices for girls of earning money, in many ways it seems like an emotional prostitution and will give a scammer nothing except a bad life experience and an emotional hole eventually.

So if you are learning English or have some knowledge of it use them for good purposes than for cheating people who seek for a friendship or love – you won’t be able to give them any.

1/26/2012 4:59:38 AM